Request Work From Home Due To Childcare [Email Template]

request for work from home due to childcare

If you need to request work from home due to childcare issues (or a new baby), we have an email template for you. 

Copy and paste the email subject and body you see below. Then, make sure to read through it and customize it to fit your conversation with your manager (whether it’s temporary or more permanent).


Childcare email proposal to work from home

Subject: Request for Permanent Remote Work

Hi [Boss’s first name],

I hope this finds you well. 

After assessing my current work and personal circumstances, I’ve concluded that working from home permanently would greatly benefit my ability to balance work commitments with childcare responsibilities.

I’m eager to discuss how this can be aligned with our team’s goals and workflow. I’d like to propose a meeting where we can go over the details and I can present a structured plan.

Here are some time slots I’m available for a meeting:

  • [Day]: [Time slot]
  • [Day]: [Time slot]
  • [Day]: [Time slot]

Looking forward to our conversation.


[Your name]


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Email Requests To Work From Home

This email template is part of our series on ways to request work from home. If you’d like to see some other options (and edit them in Google Docs or Microsoft Word), you can download all 18 templates for free.

Work from home email request

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