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A sales meeting could mean two things – an internal meeting with your team to measure performance or a real sales call with a prospect. Since “sales meeting agenda” might mean something different to you than another salesperson, I created two templates for each scenario.

Below, you’ll find two internal (team) sales meeting templates and two external (client) sales meeting agendas. Click a link below to see a sales meeting structure that works best for your needs:


👉 Internal Sales Meeting Agendas 👈

Here are two agendas your sales team can use internally to measure and discuss performance.


Weekly Sales Team Meeting Agenda (Internal)

sales team meeting agenda

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Purpose: To review team sales performance, update the team on new sales strategies, and identify opportunities for improvement.


  • Frequency: Weekly
  • Attendees: Sales staff and sales manager
  • Duration: 30 minutes


  • Metrics & Pipeline (10 minutes)
    • Review key metrics for the team
    • Discuss the status of key deals in the pipeline
    • Review of sales achievements against targets
  • Wins (5 minutes)
    • Have the team share recent wins or exciting opportunities
  • Discussion/Learning (10 minutes)
    • Open discussion on obstacles and potential solutions, new ideas
    • Introduction of any new sales strategies or tools
    • Training on new procedures or updates
  • Next Steps (5 minutes)
    • Summary of key points from the meeting
    • Assigning any tasks that need to be done for the next meeting


Quarterly Sales Performance Review Meeting Agenda

quarterly sales meeting agenda

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Purpose: To review the team’s sales performance over the past quarter.


  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Attendees: Sales staff and sales manager
  • Duration: 60 minutes


  • Previous Quarter’s Performance (15 minutes)
    • Presentation of sales metrics
    • Comparison against previous quarters and year-over-year analysis
    • Highlight top performers and notable deals
  • Challenges  (10 minutes)
    • Discuss any challenges faced during the quarter
    • Review areas where performance did not meet expectations
  • Successes (10 minutes)
    • Share success stories (what went well)
    • Discuss how those stories can be turned into best practices for other salespeople
  • Next Quarter’s Goals (15 minutes)
    • Present the goals for the upcoming quarter
  • Training and Development Needs (5 minutes)
    • Discuss training or ideas for training
  • Next Steps (5 minutes)
    • Recap the meeting


👉 External Sales Call Agenda Templates 👈

Here are two common sales agenda templates your team can use on sales calls with prospects.


Exploratory Sales Meeting/Pitch Template (External)

exploratory sales call agenda

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Purpose: This is the first call for sales processes that require multiple calls to close. In the exploratory call, you want to learn everything you can about the prospect to determine if the prospect is a good fit for your service/product.

Criteria To Gather (BANT)

By the end of the meeting, I need to gather this information:

  • Budget
    • Has the prospect decided how much they’d like to spend to fix the problem?
  • Authority
    • Is the person I’m meeting with able to decide to use our services alone, or do they need someone else involved?
  • Need
    • Is the person just investigating or do they believe a product like ours could be the solution?
    • Is our product able to fix their problem?
  • Timing
    • How soon are they ready to get the problem fixed?

Questions To Ask

Use some of the questions below in conversation to help uncover the four criteria above:

  • Company
    • Tell me about your company.
    • Who are your customers?
    • Who are your competitors?
    • What is your secret sauce?
    • What is your average sale price?
  • Organization
    • What role do you serve in the organization?
    • Did you take this research on yourself or was it an assignment? From whom?
  • Challenges
    • What challenges are you facing now?
    • What made you search for a solution?
    • What results would make you happy?
    • What happens if you don’t get those results?
    • What kind of annual budget range have you allocated to accomplish these goals?
    • How quickly do you need to solve X, Y, Z?
  • How We Can Help
    • How we’ve helped companies like yours
    • How we’re different than other solutions
    • Typical investment


Next Steps

  • Summarize
    • Recount the most important findings from the call
  • Confirm
    • Ask, “Does that sound right?”
  • Recommend the next step


Product Demo Sales Call Agenda Template

demo sales call agenda

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Purpose: To demonstrate a product’s capabilities and value proposition to the prospect.


  • Frequency: Ad hoc
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Preparation (5 minutes before the call)
    • Review the prospect’s business and industry and previous communications/interactions with the prospect


  • Introduction (5 minutes)
    • Welcome and introductions
    • Briefly state the purpose of the call and what the prospect can expect to learn
    • Gather or reiterate the challenges the prospect is facing
  • Product Demonstration (15 minutes)
    • Customized walkthrough of the product features mapped to the prospect’s specific problems.
  • Q & A (8 minutes)
    • Prospect questions, concerns, feedback
  • Next Steps (3 minutes)
    • Recap of the call
    • Pricing
    • Next step for the prospect to take


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