37.5 Hour Work Week: The Quick Guide

37.5-hour work week

What is a 37.5-hour work week?

The 37.5-hour work week has 7.5-hour work days for five days per week. Typically, the structure is a standard 9 AM – 5 PM with a half-hour unpaid lunch break.


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Benefits Of Working 37.5 Hours Per Week

Implementing a 37.5-hour work week offers numerous advantages, both for individuals and companies as a whole:

For Individuals & Freelancers

  • Improved Work-Life Balance: Wrapping up work a bit earlier every day can free up time for cooking, working out, spending time with family, etc.
  • Reduced Meeting Hours: A shorter work week prompts a reevaluation of time management, encouraging more efficient meeting schedules.
  • Enhanced Personal Development Time: An additional half-day off per week provides opportunities for personal growth, hobbies, or skill development.

For Companies & Managers

  • Attracting Talent: Unique work schedules can distinguish a company in a competitive job market.
  • Boosted Employee Retention: A more flexible schedule makes for happier employees that choose to stay with the company longer.
  • Cultural Shift Towards Output: Your company moves away from a fixed-hour mindset to focus on results and efficiency.

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37-Hour Work Week Schedule Examples

Here are some common variations if you’d like to work 3-4 fewer hours per week.

7.5-Hour Work Days

37.5-hour work week

This is the most common format for a 37.5-hour work week. You are at work for eight hours per day and take a 30-minute unpaid lunch break to get to 7.5 hours of work per day.


Short Fridays (37.5-Hour Work Week)

37.5-hour work week (short Fridays)

Another way to structure the 37.5-hour work week is to work four full days, followed by a short Friday:

  • Mon – Thu: Eight hours per day
  • Fri: 5.5 hours 


Half-Day Fridays (36-Hour Work Week)

Half-Day Fridays (36 hour work week)

This is the schedule that I worked for six years. Monday – Thursday for eight hours per day with four hours on Fridays (Friday afternoons off every week).


Four 9s (36-Hour Work Week)

4 Day Work Week (36 Hours)

A variation of the four-day work week is to work four nine-hour days to get to a 36-hour work week. If you currently work eight hours per day, however, this would increase the daily workload to reduce the weekly workload. 


7-Hour Work Days (35-Hour Work Week)

35 Hour Work Week (7 Hour Work Day)

Another example schedule is to work 7-hour days. This gets you to 35 hours of work per week.


Where To Find Shorter Work Week Jobs


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