Home Depot’s Return To Office Policy

Home Depot RTO

Home Depot’s primary return-to-office policy for corporate employees calls for three or four office visits per week. Home Depot CEO, Edward Decker, shared this in September of 2023.

Home Depot has been reducing office space in the last few years which indicates a move toward hybrid and remote work.


Home Depot’s Return To Office Policy

  • Return To Office Date: January 3, 2022
  • Location Policy: Hybrid
  • Office Visit Expectations: 3-4 days per week in the office
  • Office Space Footprint: Decreasing

Comparably hosts a running poll about the return-to-office policies for Home Depot employees. While there are policies across the board, the most common one is office-first (five days per week).


Home Depot return to office
Image source: Comparably


Sentiment From Home Depot Leadership

Stance on hybrid work

  • “The company’s support center employees are working in person three to four days per week, Decker said” (BizJournals).


Stance on remote work

  • “Some jobs at the company, such as engineers, are able to work from home more regularly. Decker said Home Depot, like many organizations, is trying to find the right balance” (BizJournals).


Stance on office space

  • “Our technology associates are working remotely, so we no longer needed that space,” a Home Depot representative said. “We made the decision at the end of 2022 to sublease the building, and are still operating at our other location in Austin” (BizJournals).


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