Work-Life Balance At McKinsey: 65%

McKinsey Work Life Balance

What is the work-life balance like at McKinsey? If you’re going to take the leap and get a job at McKinsey, you’ll want to know… will you be working from home, home for dinner, or never home?

Before we share all of the pertinent information you’ll need to decide about the work-life balance at McKinsey, keep in mind that it is a massive company with 140,000+ employees. The salaries and work-life balance will vary greatly depending on the role, location, and skillset.

In this article, you’ll find one place to analyze what it is like to work (and live) as an employee at McKinsey.


McKinsey Overview

  • Work-life balance rating: 65%
  • Number of employees: 140,000+
  • Average salary: $118,000 (according to Comparably)
  • Average work week: 60-hour work week (according to Indeed)


Work-Life Balance At McKinsey: 65%

The work-life balance at McKinsey gets a rating of 65%.

We calculated this score by taking the average work-life balance score from three reputable employee review sites. Since the sites have different rating systems (some use letter grades while others use star ratings), we put all ratings onto the same scale (0-100) and gave each site equal weighting.

  • Glassdoor’s work-life balance rating: 3
  • Indeed’s work-life balance rating: 3.5
  • Comparably’s work-life balance rating: D-

As an overall place to work (factoring in more than work-life balance) based on reviews from McKinsey employees, the company gets a 4.3 out of 5 from Indeed and 4.4 out of 5 from Glassdoor.

According to Glassdoor, 91% of employees recommended working at McKinsey to a friend and 93% approve of the CEO.

With a work-life balance rating of 65%, McKinsey ranks similarly to these other Fortune 100 companies: Deloitte, PwC, Goldman Sachs, Accenture.

Take a look at our top 100 companies with the best work-life balance based on employee benefits offered.


Culture At McKinsey: 88%

The work culture at McKinsey gets a rating of 88%.

We calculated this score by taking the average culture score from three reputable employee review sites, putting all of their scoring systems onto a scale of 0-100, and giving each site equal weighting.

  • Glassdoor’s culture rating: 4.3
  • Indeed’s work-life balance rating: 4.1
  • Comparably’s work-life balance rating: A


Employee Benefits At McKinsey

McKinsey offers an array of employee benefits to its 140,000+ workers. Here is a summary of some of the top employee benefits at McKinsey:

  • Insurance
  • Flexibility at work
  • Leave
  • Retirement
  • Meals

Visit McKinsey’s employee benefits page to learn more.

At Buildremote, we track companies that provide unique benefits that enhance the work-life balance for its employees. McKinsey has shown up in the following research as a company that offers hybrid work.


Learn More About Work-Life Balance At McKinsey

If you’d like to read more about the work-life balance at McKinsey, visit one these three sites that provide great data. These were the sources for our culture and work-life balance ratings and they each provide helpful reviews from employees:

  • Glassdoor: Read about common FAQs, employee reviews, and salary figures
  • Comparably: Learn about the culture, leadership team, salaries, and city breakdowns
  • Indeed: View employee benefits, employee reviews, and open positions


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