6 Best Platforms for Better Remote Employee Engagement

6 Best Platforms for Better Remote Employee Engagement
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Did you know that 85% of workers want to feel closer to their remote employees?

That sobering remote employee engagement statistic shows that we need to work hard to retain our best talent and ensure they enjoy their duties. That survey is hardly a standalone; Forbes has also revealed that remote workers are 182% less engaged than those who primarily work in person.

Staff engagement is critical; it ensures workers are happy and loyal to your business. Consequently, if you have engaged staff members, you can expect improved productivity, lower turnover, and better work culture.

However, there is no denying that this can be hard to achieve if you have a remote workforce, as you’re not able to connect with people face to face. So, to build a loyal and connected remote team, you need to implement an effective employee engagement tool to track relevant metrics and monitor engagement.

Follow along as we look at six of the best platforms for increased worker engagement.

1. Leapsome: An Alternative to Lattice For Remote Workers

Leapsome remote employee engagement platform

There is only one place to begin, and this is with Leapsome. Many business owners see Leapsome as an alternative to Lattice. But it’s even better — it’s straightforward and comes with unmatched analytics.

As your company grows and you have remote workers in every corner of the world, granular and automated analytics become increasingly vital. With Leapsome, you can access powerful reports to assess all data points your employees generate, from engagement data to the ROI of learning, cross-cycle review analytics, and turnover prediction.

You can conduct productive virtual meetings that support development, give meaningful feedback without awkwardness, and align your entire business from top to bottom. The review system is also impressive — you can deliver growth-oriented, meaningful reviews and save time with expert templates and automation.

2. PeopleOne: Recognize High Performers From Afar

PeopleOne is a unified engagement and communication tool for businesses that want to improve their employee experience. You can use it to empower employees to recognize high performers and keep everyone motivated and inspired despite the physical distance.

Employees will get instant organizational updates, leadership updates, policy changes, events, and important announcements. In addition, HR teams can create targeted pools and surveys to make data-based decisions.

You can also encourage social interactions and enable conversations via discussion forums.

3. Perkbox: The Best Employee Incentive Schemes

Perkbox offers incentive schemes for employees, harmonizing the rewards and benefits of your global workforce in one platform.

The Perks Hub includes a host of discounts and deals to suit everyone’s lifestyles. You can also add company benefits and give your employees the freedom to select their perks.

Another useful element is the Celebration Hub, where you recognize and reward employees — thus building relationships and boosting engagement and motivation, even within your remote workers. You can emphasize what your business stands for by linking recognitions to specific milestones and values.

You can also create polls and get workers involved, whether you want to have some fun or create a bit of healthy competition. This is particularly important for remote workers, as they often feel disconnected from the rest of the workforce.

Perkbox remote employee engagement platform

4. Empuls: Create a Culture of Appreciation

Another good solution for those who want to praise high performers is Empuls. This holistic employee engagement tool helps you build a culture of appreciation. It will also help you eliminate silos and bring teams together.

Some of the standout features you can expect from Empuls include:

  • A powerful AI employee engagement bot.
  • Built-in gamification to drive adoption.
  • Social recognition and peer-to-peer recognition.
  • Qualitative feedback.
  • Employee NPS.
  • Built-in surveys.

5. Nectar: An Affordable Engagement Tool

If you’re looking for an effective employee engagement solution unlikely to break the bank, look no further than Nectar.

Nectar remote employee engagement platform

This tool provides many features that enable you to recognize coworkers and team members. You can use shoutouts through badges, emojis, and GIFs.

There is a comprehensive catalog of rewards that includes charitable donations, Amazon products, digital gift cards, and company-branded swag. You can also create custom challenges, which align everyone in your department or team around special initiatives. Nectar can also be integrated with your HRIS system, meaning you can celebrate an employee’s work anniversary or birthday automatically.

Ultimately, it provides many unique features that help you create a positive and caring remote environment — and give your workers a platform where they will truly thrive. They will enjoy their work week and feel appreciated.

6. Culture Amp: Provide Continual Feedback and Development Opportunities

Lastly, we have Culture Amp, a popular and effective employee experience solution to help businesses enhance engagement, performance, and retention.

The platform is quick to deploy and provides continuous development, feedback, and listening tools throughout the employee lifecycle to deliver the insights required to make decisions and prioritize resources.

Some of its top features include:

  • Insights for finding vital relationships between engagement and performance.
  • Intuitive, customized reporting.
  • Algorithms that combine performance and engagement data to show who is at risk of leaving and why this is the case.
  • Customizable reports that highlight exactly where you need to invest.
  • Improve engagement with surveys backed by research and tailored to suit your specific needs.

Keep Your Remote Employees Engaged With An Effective Tool

There you have it: six of the best platforms for increased remote employee engagement. If you implement one of the tools mentioned above, you will have an excellent solution for monitoring and improving engagement even in your most far-flung employees.


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