Every Company Announcing A Hybrid Work Model

hybrid work companies The spread of COVID-19 forced anyone who could work from home to do just that. Where and how work should be done was questioned in a massive, global experiment. As a result, many companies announced permanent policies for remote work. As some offices started to open again in 2021, other companies announced hybrid work plans. This is a list of all of those hybrid announcements. But first, here is some background information about how this list of hybrid companies has been compiled:

  1. Technically, any company with one employee working in a corporate office and another working from home could be considered hybrid. That is not how I define hybrid work, so those companies are not on this list. This is my definition for hybrid work: “The company plans to have employees working from home part of the time and in an office part of the time.” You can read more remote work definitions here.
  2. This list is only of companies announcements since 2020 (as a result of COVID-19 changing the nature of work). There are plenty of hybrid companies operating pre-2020, but they aren’t on this list.


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Full list of hybrid company and organization announcements









"Work site (the physical space where you work, e.g. office, center, home, mobile): We recognize that some employees are required to be on-site and some roles and businesses are better suited for working away from the worksite than others. However, for most roles, we view working from home part of the time (less than 50%) as now standard — assuming manager and team alignment."

See: Microsoft's return to office plan

Allen & Overy


"Turning first to the physical office, the firm’s leadership has stated that presenteeism is in the past. Individuals will be given more flexibility to decide how to split their time between working from home and the office."



"IT major Infosys on Wednesday said that it will prefer a flexible 'hybrid' work model that will allow its employees to work from different locations at different times. Starting next year, the company will allow its employees to work from home or office in view of uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic situation."



In a company blog post, Spotify announced its new program: "My Work Mode — our employees will be able to work full time from home, from the office, or a combination of the two. The exact mix of home and office work mode is a decision each employee and their manager make together."

Thanks to Clark from Flexdesk for the tip!

State Of Massachusetts


"Gov. Charlie Baker’s administration is planning to implement a permanent “hybrid” work model for roughly 20,000 of the state’s 44,000 full-time workers, a spokesman for the state’s Executive Office for Administration and Finance confirmed Friday."



"BP has told 25,000 office-based staff that they will be expected to work from home for two days a week as part of a post-pandemic shift to flexible working patterns."



"On Wednesday, one of America’s corporate titans, Ford Motor Co., supplied its own answer: It told about 30,000 of its employees worldwide who have worked from home that they can continue to do so indefinitely, with flexible hours approved by their managers. Their schedules will become a work-office 'hybrid.'"



"Its chief executive, Jon Lewis, said the company was moving towards a hybrid work model, with internal discussions with employees showing that 72% of staff would prefer to work up to three days a week from home.
As a result of this new data, the company has now told 64% of employees — 35,000 out of a total of 55,000 — that they will be able to work from home for the majority of the time."

British Airways


"British Airways will let staff split their working lives between the head office and home in another example of big firms offering flexible employment.
The airline is also exploring the sale of its huge Waterside HQ near Heathrow Airport, where 2,000 people worked before the coronavirus lockdown."



"Most staffers will be expected to be in the office only three days a week when the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic."



"TIAA’s 'Work for My Day' approach will give all 15,000 employees the opportunity to create a hybrid work schedule that is a fluid mix of on-site and virtual work each week. Before the pandemic, about 85% to 90% of employees worked in the office; when the new plan goes into effect in 2022, Woodroffe anticipates that about 80% of employees will have a hybrid schedule."



"Even when ServiceNow Inc. opens their Santa Clara-based offices in September, the company expects most employees will still be working remotely at least 40% of the time."

Stellantis (Fiat Chrysler)



"The automaker is launching a hybrid work initiative called the “New Era of Agility.” The goal is to have a majority of the company’s salaried employees work remotely most of the time. That includes 17,000 employees in North America..."




"Most of our employees who are currently working remotely will continue to do so for a majority of their time, even after the pandemic ends…Our intent is to create a more flexible environment that intentionally combines the benefits of remote and in-person working.” 




"Splunk just announced that the tech company will allow most of its employees to work remotely permanently, as first reported by the San Francisco Business Times. It has also listed almost 100,000 square feet of office space for sublease at its headquarters at 250 Brannan St. in SoMa."



"Apple will have employees return to office buildings three days a week, with the option to work remotely twice a week, beginning in September, the Verge reports."

American Express


"Starting the week of October 4, our plan is for most colleagues in the U.S. and U.K. to work in the office for three days each week, with two days as colleague choice days, meaning colleagues can choose to work in the office or virtually."



June 24, 2021

"Where we landed is this: The future of work at Adobe will be hybrid. 

1. Being digital-first will be critical;
2. Flexibility will be the default;
3. We’ll gather for the moments that matter;
4. Remote work will expand."



"UBS plans to allow up to two-thirds of its staff to mix working from home and the office on a permanent basis, betting the approach will give the Swiss lender an edge over Wall Street banks in recruiting."



"First, our employees will have more flexibility on their preferred office location, choosing from a list of dedicated team hubs, instead of being limited to their pre-pandemic location. Second, we’re asking those working in offices to spend at least 50% of their time there, instead of a minimum of three days per week."



"Asda will make “hybrid” working permanent for employees at its head offices once Covid rules are relaxed.

The supermarket has announced that about 4,000 staff in total, at Asda House in Leeds and at George House in Leicester, can choose where they work best — whether at home, or at the office, shop, or depot."




"It’s quite brave to go for what they call now the ‘semi-flexible’ model where some staff will work from home and some staff will work from the office."



July 22, 2021

Start date: January, 2022

"After collaborating with leaders and employees across DoorDash, we’ve decided that in January 2022, we will transition from our official work-from-home (WFH) guidance to a hybrid work model for all our corporate employees."

"We imagine that about 80% of the company will be in the office several days a week, 15% will remain remote full-time, and 5% will work in an office every day."


Remote First/

"Cisco Systems said it would roll out a hybrid working plan that has no mandates for how often employees go into the office.

The networking giant said its employee base was familiar with working hybrid and remote and expects that less than a quarter of its workforce will want to be in an office three or more days a week going forward."

Alphabet (Google)

Remote First/


"Alphabet Inc.’s Google approved 85% of employee requests to work remotely or relocate once its offices fully re-open, the company told staff Tuesday.

Google is one the largest companies trying a hybrid approach to returning from the pandemic. It will ask most of its staff to go back to work in their previous offices, but let others do their jobs elsewhere. Over the past few months, some 10,000 employees applied to transfer to a new office or work from home."

See Google's return to office plan.


Remote First/


"What do we mean by “remote-first”? Going forward, Grammarly team members can work primarily from home."

"What do we mean by 'hybrid'? We continue to believe that in-person interaction helps us build trusting relationships and a welcoming, supportive culture that fosters innovation."



"At Cigna, we are reevaluating when people need to be in the office and what the office is used for. Pre-pandemic we had about 43% of our workforce working remotely full-time. We predict that will grow to 60% full-time remote employees post-pandemic.

We see the office as a place for people to collaborate."



“The pandemic compressed a decade’s worth of change into months. From a crisis came an opportunity to reimagine how we work and collaborate,” Christy Pambianchi, the chipmaker’s chief people officer, wrote in a blog post Wednesday. “At Intel, it’s meant creating our future as a ‘hybrid-first’ company.”



"Ericsson is the latest company to announce permanent hybrid working on a large scale. About half of its ~100,000 employees will get to work from home two to three days/week forever."

JK Tech


"JK Tech, a global digital transformation services company, introduced a Hybrid Work Policy for all its employees across India, the U.S., and the U.K. Aimed to improve quality of work and social life, the policy is a step to ensure a flexible working environment in the company post-pandemic."



"Travel giant Trip.com Group will from next month begin to allow staff to work from home or elsewhere away from the office for two days a week, becoming the first largest tech company in China to introduce such a hybrid work policy."



"The doors to the Woonsocket headquarters are set to welcome back the thousands of employees that work there on Tuesday, but they will be going back to some changes.

CVS spokeswoman Tara Burke says the company is implementing a new hybrid work format, similar to what public schools did early on in the pandemic."

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


“The workplace of the future will rely heavily on technology to facilitate effective communication and collaboration for individuals who may not be occupying the same physical workspace, and so the agency will continue to leverage technology to support a hybrid workplace,” the memo states.



"AT&T employees are returning to their offices in downtown Dallas this month, and a lot has changed since the pandemic hit.

The telecom giant has embraced a hybrid workplace, allowing many to work remotely for most of the time and asking others to come in a few times a week."

JPMorgan Chase


"'It’s clear that working from home will become more permanent in American business,' Dimon acknowledged in his annual shareholder letter Monday.

"Approximately 40% will be able to embrace a hybrid work model, coming into the office a few days a week."



"Target Corp., the biggest employer in downtown Minneapolis with 8,500 staff members, announced that it will permanently offer a hybrid style of working, where teams and employees decide when to work at home and when to be in the office."

March 12, 2021 (Previous story)

"Target, the largest employer downtown, said it no longer needs the nearly one million square feet it occupies in that skyscraper as it plans for a hybrid future in which workers will combine remote and on-site work. It made the decision even with 10 more years left on its lease."



"'The phased return steps up a gear on May 3 — happily coinciding with our 50th anniversary! — when the flexible 3/2 hybrid work approach gets underway,'  Chief Human Resources Officer Monique Matheson wrote in the email."



"The policy gives employees the option to work remotely within their country of employment — or state or province in the U.S. and Canada — as well as from the office if they choose."



"A Texas energy firm is departing a prominent Portland, Oregon, office tower for a much smaller space, joining a growing list of companies across the country in announcing significant leasing cuts as they embrace new hybrid work norms."




"One of San Francisco's largest employers and proponents of in-office work has listed about half its office space for sublease as the pandemic-induced work-from-home trend becomes an increasingly permanent fixture for the tech company."

See Also: Salesforce is reducing its office space


“Lenovo North America is now transitioning to its next phase of hybrid work with a new 3:2 Model effective the week of October 31. The new model means that employees will collaborate and work together for at least three days a week in-office with the flexibility option of working up to two days a week remotely,” said Kirk Skaugen, Executive Vice President, Lenovo

Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

"Food and Drug Administration leadership has chosen a hybrid work environment for the agency starting in January, a spokesperson confirmed to Katherine on Monday."

State of California

2/3 Model

"State of California employees will be required to work in the office at least two days a week under a new policy from Gov. Gavin Newsom's administration that is set to begin this summer."


Hybrid company definitions

  • Hybrid: The company plans to have employees working from home part of the time and in an office part of the time.
  • Optional: Employees have the option to work from home or the office.
  • Partial: Some employees, based on role and situation, are able to work from home.
  • Remote First: The processes required to work remotely lead the company’s operations, with in-office processes coming second.


Hybrid Work Model: The Complete Overview


What are the most notable companies to switch to a permanent hybrid work model?

These are the 10 most well-known companies that have gone all in on permanent hybrid work:

  • Microsoft: “We view working from home part of the time (less than 50%) as now standard”
  • BP: Employees will be “expected to work from home for two days a week as part of a post-pandemic shift”
  • Ford: Employees can “continue to work from home indefinitely” as part of a “work-office hybrid”
  • Citigroup: Most employees will be “expected to be in the office only three days” post-pandemic
  • Apple: Employees will work “three days a week with the option to work remotely twice a week” 
  • American Express: Employees will work in the “office for three days each week, with two days as colleague choice days”
  • Cisco: Cisco will “roll out a hybrid working plan that has no mandates for how often employees go into the office”
  • AT&T: “The telecom giant has embraced a hybrid workplace” (AT&T has since backtracked and is now asking people to relocate to be near an office)
  • Target: Target will “permanently offer a hybrid style of working”
  • Nike: Nike will embrace a “flexible 3/2 hybrid work approach”

See Also: The Work From Anywhere Policy

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